Remembering those who have served

Honoring those who were lost

A salute to those who have fallen

Drop off your used flags at the Eastlake Fire Department any time for proper disposal.

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After three years of efforts by the Boulevard of 500 Flags Committee we have received our 501(c)3 non-profit status from the Federal Government! A special Thanks to our Committee President Joe Strand for his persistence to making it come together.

President Joe Strand changing a damaged flag

Read the News Herald article about this momentous achievement.

Boulevard of Flags

Boulevard of 500 Flags

The idea for the Boulevard of Flags was born after Memorial Day in 1995.

It was suggested to Veterans groups that it would be nice to see the veterans who served our country from the Eastlake area be saluted everyday, not just on Veterans Day or Memorial Day.




In June of 2002, a letter was written asking to secure a piece of steel from the World Trade Center to build a monument on the Boulevard of 500 Flags. The request was granted.  A trip was made to New York City in a truck donated by Classic Chevrolet to pick it up.  At the landfill where the steel was hauled and separated, only 150 pieces of steel were saved. The rest was recycled and all the debris was buried. 


Eternal Flame


An Eternal Flame burns brightly and was donated to the City of Eastlake by the East Ohio Gas Company, commemorating the arrival of the Olympic Torch. A ceremony was held in Eastlake on June 10, 1996 as the Olympic Torch made its way through the United States from Greece to Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics.  The Torch Ceremony attracted nearly 5,000 people to the area for that very special celebration.


War Dog Memorial

War Dog Memorial

In 2002, a Memorial was built in Eastlake to honor all the dogs that served to protect our Service People during World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. In building this memorial we found it to be the first in Ohio. Its location made it the first in the United States attached to a Dog Park, where residents can bring their dogs and let them run. You can visit your local library and read more about these amazing dogs or go on line to www.wardogs and learn more about SMOKY BUTCH; a German Shepherd and JOE; a Doberman.