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In June of 2002, a letter was written asking to secure a piece of steel from the World Trade Center to build a monument on the Boulevard of 500 Flags. The request was granted.  A trip was made to New York City in a truck donated by Classic Chevrolet to pick it up.  At the landfill where the steel was hauled and separated, only 150 pieces of steel were saved. The rest was recycled and all the debris was buried. 

The City of Eastlake actually received 2 pieces of steel, a lamppost and pieces of granite from the lobby.  When word got out, the Pentagon Police contacted the City asking if we would like an actual piece of the Pentagon for the Memorial. A trip was made to Washington to pick up the granite from the Pentagon.  While traveling back to Ohio, City representatives stopped in Shanksville, PA, and contacted the Somerset County Sheriff who allowed them to take soil and earth from the site.  Our City was given grass and soil by Joyce Launtz of Shanksville, PA who has relatives in Eastlake.

The design of the Memorial represents all three areas. As the Monument sits today, you will see the base is in the shape of the Pentagon, the two pillars represent the World Trade Center and the center grass represents the field in Shanksville.  All materials and labor was donated by many people and a plaque shows those who gave so much to make this happen.  The Memorial was designed so that we, so far away from the tragedies of 9-11, can touch, feel, reflect and remember. It also is a memorial to the nearly 3000 people who lost their lives on a day America will never forget.